Livespot is an end to end platform and agency for developing dynamic real time TV advertising campaigns.

Livespot enables brands to react in real time and change their TV advertising copy using business data, time, social media, 2nd screen interaction or even ambient data like the weather.
Brands can automate copy creation and set conditions using real time data to trigger playout of specific executions at certain times to ensure the most relevant ad gets served at the right time to the right audience to optimise it’s effectiveness.


“Our service is aimed at creative agencies and brands looking to develop real time concepts. We work closely with the broadcasters and Clearcast to ensure real time campaigns can be delivered and have all the approvals necessary”

Dan Douglas, Founder

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Dynamic ad template production

Development of a dynamic content template is critical for brands to be able to update copy, audio and visual content. This includes pricing, pack shots, supers, promotional offers, end frames, calls to action and voice overs.

Social media integration

Increasingly TV is being consumed as part of a multi channel 2nd screen experience. We can use TV copy as a call to action to join a conversation, vote or co-create a TV ad with a brand. Don’t dunk in the dark on social media next time you have a big event when you can react in real time on TV as well as social channels!

Data consultancy

We specialise in turning data into brand stories and using data to trigger content. We can help advise on content sources and provide ideas for using your own data or available data sources

Content moderation, curation & support

We offer a full campaign management and support service, ranging for ad-hoc telephone support through to fully managed 24/7 dedicated support with remote and onsite support available.

Real time content
management system

Real time Content Management is the process of configuring an ad from data instructions. This can be completely automatic or manually by a curation team or an editor via a simply to use web based CMS.

Our History

Livespot is a market leading platform from the developers of Liveposter, which enables brands to create, update and automate real time content for digital out of home media. Even linear advertising campaigns can be optimised using real time data, ensuring the most relevant ads get shown at the right time to the most relevant audience.


"By harnessing the power of this innovative technology, we’re now able to tap into the ‘Power of Now’"

− Camelot brand team

latest project

Camelot realtime countdown TV ad

A world’s first for TV advertising*,  a dynamically generated countdown automatically inserted into the ad loop for the UK’s national lottery organiser Camelot. Running along side an extensive Dynamic DOOH campaign, using our Liveposter Platform.

* We believe this is the first cross platform, multiformat dynamic campaign to have ever successfully taken place.

Your business is dynamic, why isn’t your advertising?